31 January 2017 – TSO, AZN, SPY, MMT

Today’s Purchases

TSO –  1  @  $80.86
AZN  –  1  @  $26.92

Today’s Dividend Received  ~  $1.73

SPY  –  $1.33  ~  +23.15% increase from last quarter.
MMT  –  $0.40

Adding  $4.57  forward year-end dividends cash flow.
Projected Year-End Total Dividend:  $3,356.07
Increased From Previous Year:  27.70%

Today had a very interesting discussion with a colleague at work. Somehow the discussion on travel and vacation ended up discussing if she wanted to buy a home.  Living in one of the most expensive city in the world. It was ranked no. 9 as most expensive housing in 2017. San Francisco real estate prices has skyrocketed in the last decade with to chance of slowing down.

I was trying to convince her to buy a home in the outlying cities from San Francisco. Housing isn’t any cheaper, but it is within a reasonable range. She will benefit from a windfall of a home sales from her family, and have an appreciating assets that can generate her passive income.

The point I was making was that in order to have real wealth, passive income, or income from asset is needed. Laws in the United States are written in favor of the investor class citizens.

Take my tax situation.

Federal Income Taxes  =  25%
California State Income Taxes  =  9.3%
Social Security Withholding  =  6.2%
Medicare Withholding  =  1.45%

Total Taxes & Withholdings  =  41.95%

What this means is that I’m really earning $0.58 for every dollar I earn. A little over half.

Living in San Francisco, California; there is also an additional 8.5% Sales Tax

With the exception of Food and Prescription drugs, my true purchasing power is $0.4955 from my earned income.

Now compared this to to Qualified Dividends & Long Term Capital Gains tax rate. Interests and dividends pay no SS, or Medicare

Based on my tax bracket, taxes will be 15% Federally and 13.3% for California; totally 28.3%. Taxes, taxes, taxes…


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