30 January 2017 – NAVI, AES, GILD, CPB

Today’s Purchases

NAVI –  1  @  $14.85
AES  –  1  @  $11.18
GILD  –  1  @  $71.04 

Today’s Dividend Received  ~  $0.35

CPB  –  $0.35  ~  +12.09% increase from last quarter.

Adding  $3.04  forward year-end dividends cash flow.
Projected Year-End Total Dividend:  $3,352.84
Increased From Previous Year:  27.47%

This morning the market was rather red, according to this nifty tool I use for data visualization for the market from FinViz.com 

One of the backlash was the news that our newly elected President Donald Trump has imposed a travel ban on seven countries with supposed ties to terrorist group. This has chaos the market to be in a bit of a panic of the uncertainty that lies ahead of this administration.

Added a couple more position to lower my cost basis on several companies, but I’m expecting some more red days ahead. The effect has already taken notice by travel companies and airline services. Airlines has been up in the last year or so, and I’m hoping to grab some at a discount prices.

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