27 January 2017

Today’s Purchases

TROW  –  1  @  $68.51
BKCC  –  1  @  $7.31
CL  –  8  @  $63.63 per share  ~ Total:  $509.12
AES  –  3  @  $11.30 per share ~ Total:  $33.92  * New Position

Adding  $21.13  per year forward dividends cash flow.
Projected Year-End Total Dividend:  $3,346.72
Increased From Previous Year:  27.47%

Today was earnings calls for CL (Colgate-Palmolive Company). This was one my company I’ve been eying for awhile since last year. At it’s highest point it was trading at $75.27 on September 6, 2016. Originally purchases back sometime back in 2015, but during it’s run up, I didn’t want to add to my position. Received at alert on my Tradeking account that the stock has plunged over -5% this morning, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity here to lower my cost basis which was already heading south.

CL is one of those boring companies you don’t often hear about much on the financial news outlet. It’s not exciting like the Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. However it is a consumer stable, something I like to have as a core foundation to my portfolio.

They also produce several well known consumer product such as Colgate (Toothpaste), Irish Spring (soap/bodywash), Palmolive (dish detergent), Softsoap (hand soap), and Tom’s of Maine. That’s right, Tom’s of Maine; the popular consumer product associated with natural-ingredient, personal care product.

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